Our Hens and Eggs

We believe in good food, and good food shouldn’t cost the earth!

At the heart of our farm is the welfare of our hens. We keep the hens happy in two small flocks, fed on an organic diet that contains no GM products and is free from chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics.

They roam on our land which has several plantations of native apple, pear and plum trees where they can behave naturally, scratching and looking for natural food in the grass.

Our eggs are laid by our Lohmann Brown hens, a quiet, friendly and inquisitive breed.

They mainly lay a lovely brown egg but can go lighter in the summer months. Their egg yolk is a rich yellow colour which comes from the tasty organic feed that they eat.

Interested in stocking our eggs?

We are always looking for new stockists for our eggs. If your shop, cafe or bakery is looking for a reliable supply of good quality, professionally packaged, organic, free range eggs, we would love to hear from you!