About Us

John and Paula Patton

Our Story

In 2014 we built our first hen barn and began supplying our organic eggs to a larger egg packer in Northern Ireland before expanding in 2018, buying more land and building a second hen barn.

As the years went on and our family grew with three little girls, Lottie, Bella and Naomh, we needed to grow the business and so in 2020 we decided the time was right to sell our eggs directly to local shops, cafes and bakeries. It’s been a success story ever since, but not without a lot of hard work along the way!

Neither John nor Paula had any experience in the retail or food sales sector, so it was a steep learning curve that had to be learnt very quickly!

The latest addition to the farm is a purpose built rearing shed were we can now rear the hens from day old baby chicks until they are ready to be moved to the laying sheds.

Once they move to one of our two laying sheds, they are free to run around the scratch area, playing and pecking at their enrichment toys, footballs and shaving bales. They then get access to the range, where they are able to roam around outside amongst the native apple, pear and plum trees.

Interested in stocking our eggs?

We are always looking for new stockists for our eggs. If your shop, cafe or bakery is looking for a reliable supply of good quality, professionally packaged, organic, free range eggs, we would love to hear from you!